15 Minutes In Hell - Episode 20 - Jamelle Bouie

Read inside for a special announcement...
Ed Zitron 1 min read
15 Minutes In Hell - Episode 20 - Jamelle Bouie

This week I’m joined by New York Times opinion columnist Jamelle Bouie.

Jamelle and I discuss the disconnect between the positive coverage of the economy and what people online are feeling, as well as Trump’s chances at a second term.

The 15 Minutes In Hell Theme is written and performed by Eve6.

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Exciting News…

Hello everyone! I’m excited to announce that next year I’ll be covering the tech industry - the good, the bad and the stupid - in my new weekly tech podcast for iHeartRadio and Cool Zone Media. I’ll have more details in the new year!

What Does This Mean For 15 Minutes In Hell?

I currently have a big backlog of recorded episodes - originally designed to cover the holiday break before I decided that I would wait until I return in the second week of January to start publishing again. I am considering (though have not decided yet) moving 15 Minutes In Hell to a bi-weekly schedule - I want to make sure I can still make this a good show without stressing about pumping it out weekly.

Anyway, I’ll return both in newsletter and podcast form the week of January 8th 2024. Have a wonderful holiday.

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