C'mon, man!

Ed Zitron 2 min read
C'mon, man!

As usual, I have woken up to yet more great news from the world:

Despite the fact that Chuck Schumer had already floated $50,000, which would actually make a dent (if not outright eliminate) people’s student debt, Joe Biden is floating a forgiveness of $10,000 which will do bugger all. Many people either are in forbearance of their loans or paying such a small amount that they’re barely covering the interest (if they’re even covering it). $10,000 isn’t going to break the cycle, it isn’t going to relieve people. Maybe Biden moves on this. But I’m cynical based on, well, history.

Apple’s M1

As I said yesterday, I am endlessly curious about whether the M1 chip is actually…good. At first I thought it was good based on what The Verge and others have said. Then I read the Anandtech benchmarks, and I immediately had some questions. Linus does too. Is Geekbench or Cinebench reliable? I don’t know, and my head hurts! More on this as I work it out.

I will be somewhat upset if my 4 year old iMac Pro ends up being thoroughly owned by the Mac Mini, but also it might allow me to do the crazy setup I’ve always wanted. Other than the fact that I’m not sure the Mac Mini can support two giant monitors. Maybe it can. It is kind of ridiculous how little actual information there is out there despite there being roughly 40 million reviews.

This is ultimately one of the things I hate about Apple’s approach to review units. They pushed out this big, meaningful change in how they build computers and gave people two minutes to actually test them. This means that customers either have to take a leap of faith or wait until someone does the test they want. All of the reviews so far that have done benchmarks confuse me and hurt my brain.

I’m So Tired

I think I’ve been saying this since November of last year, but man. I need a break. No idea when I get one, but hey, there ya go.

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