I Don't Watch Game of Thrones, But The Dark Episode Annoyed Me Anyway

Ed Zitron 2 min read
I Don't Watch Game of Thrones, But The Dark Episode Annoyed Me Anyway

So I don’t watch Game of Thrones, and honestly I didn’t even watch the dark episode where everyone fought each other. I don’t look down on anyone for watching it! That’s your business. What pisses me off is that they made an episode of a show with an already drab, ugly colour palette and made it unbelievably dark, then the gormless dork cinematographer said that in fact the problem was people don’t know how to tune their TVs.

I’ve got a pretty great LG OLED TV, and I put on this episode out of spite, and it’s genuinely difficult to see what’s going on.

TechCrunch’s Matt Panzarino also brought up another thing that’s gone to shit with TV - sound. It’s really difficult to make out what people are saying, and that’s because the mixing of shows is godawful.

I personally have closed captioning on 50% because the baby likes to make a bunch of noise despite me telling him not to while I’m watching my stories, and partly because so many shows (and actors) just mumble. The soundstage of many prestige shows is weird and muted. I don’t know. You fill in the gaps.

I haven’t had a ton to say this week, which I know sucks and I’m very sorry. I did just post Episode 27 of FTF Podcast, though!

Looks like in NYC I’ll be hitting ride 300 on Peloton. I’ll be as a reminder in NYC from May 9th through the 16th. If you want to kick my ass, that’s when to do it.

I really don’t care for Destiny 2 reels with heavy kills, but I was really happy with how I managed to box out guys who I’d otherwise have got killed by with grenades.

Here’s me.

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