Introducing: Better Offline

Edward Zitron 1 min read
Introducing: Better Offline

Episodes 1 and 2 Out Now

Hello everybody! A short newsletter today to announce the launch of my new podcast Better Offline - my new tech show from iHeartRadio and Cool Zone Media.

It's a weekly exploring the tech industry’s influence and manipulation of society - and interrogating the growth-at-all-costs future that tech’s elite wants to build.   Combining narrative-form storytelling, one-on-one interviews and panel-based discussions, Better Offline cuts through the buzzwords and obfuscation of the tech industry, investigating and evaluating the schemes and scams of everyone from cryptocurrency scumbags to the greediest of the venture capital elite.

In many ways, this show is also the culmination of 20-ish years of wanting to do something in broadcast, and it'll cover a lot of what I talk about in my writing. I really think you're going to like it.

Episode 1 covers The Rot Economy with Cool Zone Media's Robert Evans, digging into the sinister economic force that's destroying your favorite tech products.

Episode 2 is an autopsy of Apple's Vision Pro, a narrative piece about my experiences with Apple's new face computer, which also features an interview with the Wall Street Journal's Joanna Stern.

I need your help: please subscribe to Better Offline on your favorite podcast app - here's a link for Apple, RSS feeds, Castro and Overcast, and here's a link for Spotify. Please subscribe, download, share, whatever you're comfortable with. I would be so grateful. Share with your friends. Force people on the street to download it. I don't know, I just want people to listen to it.

Seriously though, thank you for your support!


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