On Responsibility.

Ed Zitron 3 min read

America continues to set new records in COVID-19 deaths, with each day clearing 9/11’s death toll and many still choosing to be murderous around it - they see themselves as intelligent islands that cannot be infected if they follow what their government has said they can or can’t do, despite that not being how viruses work. Every weekend I see people who I’m fairly sure read this newsletter posting pictures of themselves out at restaurants, at bars, in vehicles with groups of friends, all acting within the guidelines that the government has set, and likely defending said decision as something they are “allowed to do.”

These same people go on about how they do things “socially distanced, of course,” which likely is bullshit anyway, or that they believe masks are good despite many pictures of themselves at places they don’t live, maskless. They go on about how “the cure cannot be worse than the disease” when referring to lockdown restrictions that do absolutely nothing because, honestly, they are not even lockdowns - they’re arbitrary lists of places that can or cannot be open and the ways in which they can or can’t be open. People aren’t locked down. There are no lockdowns. People are encouraged to not go out because of two things:

  1. A political class that finds the idea of welfare at its core to be disgusting, and the idea of paying people to stay home offensive.
  2. A citizenry of whiners that believes that shutting down things is bad they claim because it makes people jobless (this is bad!) but what they really mean it’s because they can’t do things they want to do.

Restaurants are the things that keep driving me insane. I keep seeing people who go to them, despite them being a really great place to get and spread the coronavirus. If you are eating at a restaurant, or going to a bar, even if you’re outdoors, stop fucking going, you are irresponsible. You know you are, deep down, and if you don’t you’re ignorant and don’t care people are dying. I’m slightly more tolerant of takeaway, but even then that’s cramming people into a room and letting them huff each other’s breath.

I have said all of this before, but I just can’t get over how irresponsible people are. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean it’s safe, or good. You can legally go to a gas station bathroom and rub your naked butt against every surface and that’s perfectly legal, but you shouldn’t do it because who knows what weird diseases you’re introducing to your asshole. I don’t care what sort of article you read that said that outdoor exposure is lesser, I don’t care that you’re bored, I don’t give a single fuck, because of your irresponsible attitude thousands of people die a day, and because of your whiny, selfish, ignorant asshole perspective on life, your elected officials are scared to do an actual lockdown, one that actually works, because they know you’ll whine about how restrictive it is. You know what’s really restrictive? Dying of COVID-19. You know what’s really restrictive? The debilitating long-term effects of COVID-19.

I also want to add, as I always do - this does not apply to people who are just going to their jobs. You too are a victim. You’re doing what you can. Thanks for wearing a mask and such. It sucks that you have to go to a place to work, and I am sorry for the people who cannot help themselves.

Responsibility and contrition are traits that I don’t see much of anymore. People don’t want to say sorry. People don’t want to admit they’re doing something shitty. Hell, I’d respect these people more if they were just like “ah yeah I’m bored as shit, I wanna eat a burger in a restaurant,” because at least that’s transparently loathsome versus wrapped up in a blanket of “look, I’m an informed citizen, look at these numbers I’ve cherry-picked.” Guess what number I don’t have to cherry pick? 385,000, the number of dead people, and yes, we can place that blame firmly in the hands of the government, but we can also spare some extra blame for the people who can’t help themselves but to go out with their dickhead friends, taking their masks off and smiling for the cameras so everyone can see how much of a selfish worm they are, and how much they, deep down, do not give a fuck about anyone else.

I am just so, so angry. It isn’t about “oh if we’d have done things differently we’d be at brunch now,” it’s that it’s not just Donald Trump and the disparate governance of America, it’s on the selfish and ignorant people who continually go out and happily spread this virus, who either do not think about or do not give a shit about anyone but themselves, all because they technically can because of whatever guidance or faux-lockdown their government has shat through the system. People don’t care, because more than likely it won’t kill them, or anyone they know, and if it does, that’s someone else’s fault.

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