Pull Over, Would Ya?

Ed Zitron 2 min read
Pull Over, Would Ya?

Let’s kick off today with one of the funniest clips in TV history:

The West Wing may very well be the worst-aged drama of all time, layered with embarrassing moments like The President Yelling At God. Sorkin also is responsible for The Newsroom, a show that’s equal parts awful and vile, with numerous instances of ghoulish sexism, including but not limited to this scene:

This scene is all part of an amazingly overplayed hand by Sorkin, where he assumes the death of Bin Laden would be an historic moment rather than something everyone just vaguely knew happened. It’s a classic misread of an event - Bin Laden dying was just another death in an endless war, a death that didn’t bring back the millions of people who have died in the Middle East, that didn’t change…anything. I remember the cover of the New York Post. Or was that Bin Laden’s sons? I can’t remember. Either way, Sorkin sucks.

A Short Week

The end of November feels weird, after the entirety of November feeling weird. The entire month went by in a flash. The election lasted 2 weeks, then there was Apple, Sony and Microsoft, and now we’re in an at-max 3 day week, which will probably hang over into next week. I have no idea what pitching will be like - it’s always a crapshoot at this time of year, but we soldier on. I doubt anyone’s going to be super interested in their inbox past tomorrow.

It’s funny - I can’t remember the last actual “day off” I got in a while - weekends only sort of count, as they have the dread of knowing actual work days are coming. It’s going to be a very strange, sad Thanksgiving-to-Christmas transfer - usually this is the time of year where we’re over at my wife’s relatives, playing a gambling game I can’t remember the name of (you have to pass money to your left, right, or throw it in the middle), watching football, drinking, Secret Santa. All of these things that…will simply not happen. Which sucks.

I admit the move to Vegas I had expected to host one of these things, as we’ve the space and people love an excuse to travel here. Not this year, though. I am not-so-secretly worried that these events somehow take place anyway. Either way, it’s just me, my wife, my kid and her grandparents for the foreseeable future. Could be far worse, for sure!  But it’s gonna be a weird one.

Sunday Dinner

I made Prime Rib for dinner yesterday, because I have all this food to cook and everyone loves a good Sunday roast. I get my meat from Catullo Prime Meats in Ohio. They don’t sponsor me or anything, I just like them.

Simple recipe - rub your prime-rib with whatever rub you want (I use this one), put the smoker to 250, stick a thermometer in it, wait until it hits 120. Take it out, rest for 20 minutes, fire the smoker to 450, put back in and sear each side for a few minutes or until it hits 128 to 130 for medium rare. Rest for 30 minutes, carve, devour.

That’s it for today. I’ll likely not write Thursday or Friday, but that’s fine. You don’t mind, do you?

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