15 Minutes In Hell - Episode 2 - Derek Guy - @dieworkwear

Ed Zitron 1 min read
15 Minutes In Hell - Episode 2 - Derek Guy - @dieworkwear

Welcome to the second episode of 15 Minutes In Hell.

Today’s guest is Derek Guy, known as “The Menswear Guy” or @dieworkwear (https://twitter.com/dieworkwear) on Twitter. He’s written for the Washington Post, Financial Times, Esquire, Mr. Porter, and the Business of Fashion, and he’s currently an editor at Put This On (https://putthison.com).

We talked about how the new Twitter algorithm took him from about fifty thousand followers to over 470,000, why people on Twitter find him so frustrating, why men are so afraid of enjoying fashion, and how evil fast fashion (EG: Shein) has become.

We’re also debuting the official theme of 15 Minutes In Hell, written and performed by Eve6 (https://www.patreon.com/Eve6ix).

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